Design department for advertising displays

We have a separate design studio at our disposal, in which a team of visual artists, designers and constructors specialised in development and construction of advertising displays work.

We manufacture advertising stands and display racks from the very beginning

We will make a visual and functional concept of your advertising stand or advertising display from scratch. On its basis we will prepare a technical design and a prototype. Hence, even prior to implementation of the equipment into a series production you will evaluate the final result yourself. In our Company every Customer has confidence that the ordered display will meet their expectations.

We manufacture even the most advanced advertising stands and display racks in terms of construction and technology.

While cooperating with our Company you do not have to limit your ideas. We use all the range of plastics, composite and natural materials as well as metals in various interesting combinations. Therefore we are free to manufacture various advertising forms with excellent visual and functional properties, which at the same time are stable and safe. We also construct technologically advanced equipment. We use modern devices in their structures: light modules, electronic controllers, as well as LED screens with computer control.

It is sufficient if you show us a product that you would like to advertise, and we will prepare optimum advertising solutions adapted to it. Naturally, we will use you knowledge and ideas during the design process.

We also execute orders for advertising displays on the basis of ready-made designs

Have you got your own design for an advertising stand or display rack? We would be happy to subject it to a two-step technical verification in our design studio, and then in out prototype construction department. Our designers and constructors will examine all the physical properties of your equipment detail by detail before it will enter serial production. If necessary, required changes are introduced to the design with your consent, so as to eliminate week points of the display, e.g. no stability or proper strength to weight, or any visual imperfections that may have a negative impact on general aesthetics.

Our products are to constitute an efficient tool to support advertising campaign of your Company. Therefore we will pay attention to every detail that may contribute to its success.

Design studio

We employ more than a dozen of constructors and graphic artists working on a regular basis, responsible for design and graphical processing of future advertising stands and display racks. During performance of the given order we remain in constant contact with our Customers, providing them with easy access in actual effects of the design works. For that purpose:

  • we invite you to visit our Company for direct consultations;
  • we send technical drawings and visualisations in electronic format to a given e-mail address;
  • we deliver documentation to a correspondence address of our Ordering Party by courier service.

The process of Customer service in our Company is constructed in such a manner, so that during execution of order you will miss no detail.

Prototype construction department

In our prototype construction department we construct models of advertising stands and display racks for out Customers. On their basis we verify physical properties of equipment before they enter serial production. Thus we eliminate every potential technical irregularity. For that purpose we test, inter alia, stability, correct dimensions, material resistance, as well as functionality and ergonomics. At this stage we use designs of products intended for advertising campaign, in which your future display will participate.