Advantages of our work system

Explore the advantages of cooperation with our company! Learn about the possibilities our customers can benefit from during the design and manufacturing cooperation in manufacturing advertising stands and display stands.

You can participate in creating the product

During the works involving the concept, design and prototype of an advertising stand, you will be able to keep providing us with suggestions regarding its appearance, construction features and functionality. This way you will be able to participate in creating the final result of the production. Cooperation with us is not limited to receiving the order and the implementing a number of routine activities. The purpose of each project executed in our company is to extract the individual characteristics of the target product and to make the product available for sale. Therefore, we will accept your commitment with open arms.


You receive an advertising medium perfectly suited to the product

Each advertising stand and display stand manufactured in our company is created based on the target product which is to be displayed. You deliver the product to us, and we learn about its characteristics- shape, weight, form, edges, surface texture, color - every feature that determines the appearance and construction properties of your advertising medium designed specifically for this product.


You have access to visualization of the stand during design works

You make conscious visual and construction choices based on electronic visualization of three-dimensional (3D) images and videos. Our experts - designers, graphic artists, technicians - will help you to bring your ideas to life. As a result, even before the production of your advertising stand you will know its every detail, and the final product will suit the assumptions of the product campaign in your company.


Your design will be analyzed by our experts

You start the cooperation with us by submitting a finished design? We are convinced you want to be sure that it has been properly developed. You can rest assured. Your design will be fully reviewed before starting the production. Our designers and technicians will analyze it. We won't miss any detail, we'll catch any imprecision in the dimensions and parameters or any inaccuracy in the construction.


We will help you choose the optimal stand for your products

Are you wondering about the choice of an advertising stand or display stand for your products? There are proven types of advertising media in displaying specific groups of products. You should also take into account the location in which the equipment is to be placed - available store surface area, construction of the promotional stand in the distribution channel. Discuss with us about the purpose of your advertising medium, tell us about the objectives of your product campaign. Based on the information you provide us, together we will choose the advertising stand with appropriate characteristic features.


We will deliver your order safely and on time

W do not pack the products "slapdash". On the contrary - we have a packhouse and employees who take care of this activity only. We use your own stuffing and cardboard packaging to ensure your stands a safe transport. The process of packing is partially automated. Upon your request we will also take care of organizing the logistics of the whole delivery process. We have our own warehouses and forwarding department. It is enough if you specify the place of delivery, and we'll do the rest.