Have a look at the Production Process of Our Stands

We will arrange your arrival at our seat in Krosno. We want you to be sure that you order the production of your display stands with the right Company.

See our work up close

We strongly invite you to visit our Company. We apply a policy of openness towards the customers, we do not hide from them. Quite the opposite - we would like you to assess the substantive level of our employees yourself, as well as our design equipment, production machines and the factory infrastructure - i.e. everything that could affect the production of advertising stands or display stands according to the assumptions you already have or would like to develop with the future contractor.

We will help you arrange a visit to our Company:

  • we will pick you up from the international airport in Rzeszów or Kraków;
  • book a place in a hotel;
  • arrange transport within the city of Krosno;
  • present you to the specialists who will be directly responsible for the performance of your order;
  • answer you questions in terms of our technical capabilities of making a advertising medium in accordance with the projects supplied;
  • show you all sections of our factory and their equipment, where the production will take place;
  • present to you all production materials and the individual methods for material processing;
  • we will arrange the date of completion of your order together.

Pickup from the airport

Call us at one of the numbers provided; +48 13 436 97 78, +48 13 432 00 85 and arrange the time of your visit. After you have booked your airline tickets, notify us on the time and place of landing (Rzeszów or Kraków). We will send our company car for you, pick you up from the airport and drive you to our Company.

Booking a place in a hotel

After the time of your visit has been arranged, we will help you book your hotel. There are several hotels and restaurants within a few kilometers from our Factory. We will send you the links to their offers to help you make the choice.

Transport from the hotel to our Company

We will send our company car for you to the hotel to drive you to our Factory. During your stay we will be in contact all the time - you call us and we arrange the transport.

Meeting with specialists on site

During your visit, we will arrange a meeting with our designers, production engineers, materials scientists and other persons responsible for working on your advertising medium. This will give you an opportunity to consult the details of your project or tell us about your concept of an advertising medium even if you do not have a project yet.

We will answer your questions

The essence of your meeting is to specify the technical details of cooperation and the desired effects. We want you stay in our Company to be as productive as possible. Consult us about the solutions you are not sure of or which you consider necessary during the implementation. Do not be afraid to ask! This way, we will also learn more about the subject of your order.

Presentation of the Company

The office, design studio, production sections, tool-room, prototype room, packhouse, warehouses and shipping - all of this is located in several building and factory halls. During your visit, we will guide you around the factory so that you can see the production process of advertising and display stands up close and assess our technical capabilities and the skills of your employees.

Production materials

We have samples of metal, plastic and wooden materials available on site, as well as a showroom for the stands produced from them. Our materials scientists and designers will be at your disposal. They will tell you about the properties of structures made of the individual materials and advise you on their choice.

Order completion date

At a meeting, we will summary the condition of your preparations, level of technological advancement of the project and the batch size of the advertising media which we will make for you. Based on this information, we will specify the date of completion together.

You will leave our factory with full knowledge of:

  • how we will handle your order step by step, from the first to the last stage;
  • what will the individual stages of implementation consist of (consultancy, design, prototype, production, delivery);
  • when and on what pricing conditions will your advertising media be produced.

With us, completing your product campaign will be easier.