Our Advantages

It turns out that the majority of the customers choosing our services come back to us with another order once again, or even more than once. This is determined by our approach to executing the project. We give our customer the feeling of confidence that the works are moving in the desired direction - we verify the assumptions of the projects provided, we listen to suggestions, we make reports on the works and thus make it easier to make choices regarding different solutions. What about the effect? - Our customer receives a refined product and confidence of properly invested money. You can learn more about the advantages of cooperation with our company by reading this article.

Free stand design

You ordered manufacturing an advertising stand or display stand in our company? In that case, you will receive a design of the product from us, not included in the price of the order, but free of charge. Preparing the concept of an advertising medium and technical documentation is treated as a prerequisite to start the production process and its completion with the result you expect. In our company the basis for settling each service is to carry out the technological processing along with the cost of materials. Apart from that, we tell you the guaranteed price of your order at the very beginning, even before implementation of the project. Generally we do not include transport in the costs due to the fact that the customers don't ask about it in every case. Obviously, we will take care of it at your request. In such case we add the amount to the basic price for the order depending on the size of product for delivery and distance to the point of receipt.

Quick response to inquiry

During the first contact we will suggest you the information that will help us to give you the cost of implementing your project. Of course, we assume that this is what you anticipate, if you turn to the company of our caliber, where the production capacity is estimated in hundreds and even thousands of products per day. In fact, our staff is prepared to provide fast and comprehensive response to inquiries. But before that, you need to take the first step and specify your expectations to our experts. If you have a finished design, provide us with its documentation by email or hard copy by delivery services. However, if for now you have a general concept of the future advertising stand or display stand, please describe its purpose and send it by email to: marketing@sip.krosno.pl.We assure you that this small effort will pay off. You will receive a list of costs with all the details you'll need to decide on further cooperation.

One Account Manager

We guarantee optimized process of our customers' order implementation. In principle, every project is executed under the supervision of the assigned Account Manager, who, depending on the scope of cooperation, is required to oversee the design and production process and delivery of the finished products, as well as to provide information on the status of works at the specific moment to the customer.

3D design visualization and access to the project documentation

In the paragraph above we described the principle of sharing information about the current status of works with our customers. It should also be added that we will supplement your knowledge by visual aids in the form of 3D visualization of the manufactured equipment that you will receive as electronic files.

You will be able to rotate the three-dimensional model of the stand in any direction. This way you can judge its appearance even before creating the prototype.

Creation of stand prototype

Regardless of whether we create the design from the very beginning, or you provide us with ready documentation of the advertising or display stand, in each case we build its prototype in order to verify its construction and visual characteristics by using the target "exhibits". This is a necessary step that gives us one hundred percent of confidence that the product for batch manufacturing has the specific physical characteristics (appearance, stability, durability, functionality) that you expect during your product campaign. When preparing the prototype, we also produce dedicated tools that are used in its creation, and then, after duplication, in the batch manufacturing of the target product.

Guarantee of completion deadline

Our company employs more than 200 employees directly involved in the design and production of advertising and display stands. This allows us to execute the projects in a three-shifts mode, 24 hours a day. Each workstation in our factory is doubled - both the machines for a particular type of processing, and operators of the machines. In this way we exclude the possibility of a stoppage. We also have our own on-site service station (!) in the event of machine failure, which starts remedying the malfunction right away. All these features enables us to guarantee the deadline for completion of each order, and even parallel fitting of additional orders during the current implementation, without the slightest risk of losing the quality of the final product.

Implementation of unfinished projects

The works on your design have come to a standstill? You cannot communicate with the current contractor? Or maybe you just lack the idea how to finish the design so that the target advertising stand or display stand had exactly the properties which the objectives of your product campaign require. If something prevents you from completing the design works, please contact us and give us the information on the stage where you are now. With our help you will settle all the existing technical issues and you bring to the end the stage of preparing documentation to a form suitable for manufacturing the target product. The design works are executed with good coordination based on experience with similar cases to yours. We are open to contact with you - we talk with the customers in order to agree on all the current details of implementation. With us you will bring to the end even the most advanced concept of an advertising medium in terms of construction, materials, and technology.

Production of non-standard stands

We design advertising media from the very beginning, including creation of the concept of the product - but it can be done by anybody, with better or worse results. We are distinguished by being open to unusual advertising and display stands projects and the ability to bring their implementation to the end complying with the high material, construction, and technological requirements that you set out. We have finished bold, successful projects that take part in product campaigns of famous brands in Poland and foreign countries. We create large-scale media, stable constructions suitable for very heavy loads, media with the use of rotating elements, equipped with modern multimedia equipment and LED lighting. We use attractive material compositions, we combine different functions in the equipment increasing its capacity in contact with the target customer. Become convinced about our possibilities - come visit our factory. On the site you will see the examples of our previous projects, you will meet the designers and technologists that you will cooperate with, you will evaluate our production facilities. Have confidence that your project is executed by a competent manufacturer.

Delivery within the area of Poland and Europe

Distance is not a problem for us. Our products were delivered even to Australia or New Zealand. Currently organize our own delivery throughout Poland and Europe. We are happy to take over your responsibility to prepare and conduct the transport of finished advertising or display stands. It is enough if you specify the place of receipt and delivery deadline. Of course, we will inform you in advance about the costs arising from this service. The products can be delivered to a designated location in batches or as a whole. We secure finished products before transport at the packhouse. It is a specialized division equipped with devices that take care only of securing the products for loading, transport and unloading.