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Learn how your order for the design and production of advertising stands will be performed in our Company, stage by stage.

Before we start the cooperation...

We always precede the start of the cooperation with a substantive discussion on the subject of the order. That is why we encourage our Customers - this includes you - to visit our Factory and discuss all details of implementation on site. At the stage of preliminary discussion, we will help you specify the details of your order, provide samples of materials and present you to our production facilities. You will also meet our specialists: constructors, designers and materials specialists who will be directly involved in the implementation of your project and inform you on the course of works through the designated technical manager. Throughout our cooperation, they will advise you on the choice of visual and construction solutions, provide you with an insight into partial works or introduce potential changes to the prototype, etc. You visit in our Company is even more recommended in case when you do not have a ready project but only, fore example, a concept with general assumptions which you would like to develop to the form of a advertising stand for your products. We will be glad to discuss with you also this stage of preparation for production.

Stage one – project works

The extent of this stage depends on the level of your preparations:

  • Let us assume you already have a project, based on which you would like to produce an advertising or display stand. In such case, we will ask you to deliver it to the meeting or send it via email. First, the project will be submitted to technical verification, i.e. the documentation will be handed over to our constructors and designers for review. Depending on the type of projects, i.e. the complexity of the construction, materials used, technical measures (multimedia stands), the review will also be attended by graphic designers, materials scientists, production engineers, etc. This means all employees qualified to verity the documentation of your advertising medium, even before the construction of a prototype. We will notify you of any doubts or objections to the project. During the works, we will suggest our solutions and discuss them with you before they are introduced. We want you to actively participate in the implementation of your project from the beginning and make the decisions together with us, supported by our knowledge and experience.
  • You do not have a project yet and are at the stage of creation of the concept? First, we specify the most effective way of communication (phone, email). We are at your disposal for the whole time. You do not know or do not understand something - you call the Account Manager of the order and send your questions via email. At this stage, we discuss and develop a vision of the device, including of course the product which is to be displayed on the advertising medium. Based on its parameters, we adopt specific visual and construction solutions. We consult their choice on a current basis and provide you with an insight into partial works - we will send you the parts of the project in progress you are interested in and electronic files with a 3D visualization. You will then be able to make the decisions more easily. The final of this stage of cooperation is the project, based on which the pre-production prototype will be made.

Stage two - preparation of dedicated tools and prototype construction

After the completion of the design works and documentation, we will proceed to the preparation of the prototype, which will require dedicated tools. Almost all new advertising stands require such tools. The process will be handled by our constructors. The prototype is prepared so that we can test its construction in the physical conditions most similar to the real conditions in the point of sale. After the device has been prepared, we test its strength and stability of loads, as well as the way the target products “behave” when placed on the device (the feeder function). In case of multimedia stands, we also test the functioning of the electronic devices and subsystems, depending on its type.

Stage three – Production

Approving a advertising or display stand for production always takes place upon positive completion of the design stage ending up in the acceptance of a finished prototype. We then assess the following:

  • look (shape, placement and color of construction elements, quality of graphics, aesthetics of joints);
  • construction (stability and strength of bearing elements);
  • functionality (e.g. the easiness and smoothness of placing and removing products or advertising gadgets, rotating the device; correct functioning of the multimedia equipment).

All details in the project documentation must be consistent with the properties of the prototype in the last pre-production version.

Prototype assessment

On our side, the person involved in the acceptance of the prototype is the Account Manager of the order with whom you cooperate when specifying the details of the implementation, as well as the designers and constructors. The best solution is your arrival for the purpose of approval. However, we understand it is not always possible. Therefore, in order to help you assess our work, we provide the final version of the design documentation vie email, together with detailed photos of the prototype and, at your request - a short video showing, for example, rotating the stand, removing products from the feeder, launching multimedia functions.


The production of construction elements for the ordered batch of devices is conducted simultaneously by several teams of employees responsible for the given type of material processing. Most of it is conducted automatically by machines, including CNC machines. The production is arranged in such a way that there are no time gaps or stoppages. The fragments produced, e.g. bended sheets or profiles, are handed over as fast as possible for further processing, e.g. powder coating. We arrange the production so that at any time we can intensify the individual processes, speeding them up while maintaining high quality at the same time. For this purpose:

  • we initiate three-shift operating mode;
  • workstations are doubled (e.g. two operators for two machines);
  • we have our own repair service in case of machine failures

In this way, we eliminate the risk of stoppages and our production is fast, precise and - what’s very important - we can „fit” short-term emergency cases from our Customers in the current production process.

We will be in contact all the time. In case of questions about the course of implementation on this stage, you will call the Account Manager of the order and learn everything at once.

Stage four - packing and delivery

Protection before transport

After finishing the production, i.e. the execution of entire material processing and assembly of equipment into ready-made advertising stands or display stands, we will prepare them for transport to the place you indicate within a predetermined time.

We have developed standards for safe packing of individual devices. For this purpose we use and cardboard packagings and fillings, as well as stretch film. The process of packing is done partly manually and partly by machine - we use stretchwrappers. Ready-made advertising media are delivered on euro pallets with dimensions 1200x800 mm. If you have any specific request regarding packing of the finished products before delivery, please call us or send us an e-mail to discuss the details.

Delivery of finished products

Packed and ready for transport advertising stands and display stands are transported to the warehouses and recorded there. In front of the warehouses there is a large yard where the trucks enter for loading, which is done with the use of forklift trucks on euro pallets. If necessary, the packed products are mounted inside the luggage compartment by straps so as to eliminate the risk of packages moving and tipping over. Loading is done in compliance with all possible security measures. For your assurance, we can take pictures of the loaded transport before sending the batch of products.

We are happy to take care of organizing the delivery of your advertising media. If you want to organize it on your own, for example, to use your own trucks or use services of your own transport company, there is no problem in doing so. It is enough if you inform us in advance about the date of arrival and the type and size of the trucks - for example a container, a curtain trailer - in order to give us time to prepare for loading.