About Us

Welcome to the website of the SIP Krosno Factory of advertising and display stands! We are glad you are here to learn about our history and HR policy, so important for the efficiency and success of our company.

Over 60 years of tradition in industrial production

At present, we belong to the group of medium-sized factories of the Podkarpacie region. We hire more than 200 qualified employees on a permanent basis in the following departments: design, production, shipping, marketing, administration, health care and rehabilitation.

We are a well-known brand in Poland. This refers both to companies ordering the production of advertising media for the promotion of own products and services and competitive producers in our sector. Many of our customers are Foreign companies, including large international corporations known all over the world.

Our material and substantive achievements, i.e. advanced design and production facilities, as well as knowledge and experience of the staff come from the hard work and talent of several generations of employees related to our Company who often inherit their profession from their parents. Our activity has a long tradition and that is why we would like you to learn about its history:

Birth of the company and the beginning of industrial production

Our Factory was established during the difficult post-war years in 1950 by the initiative of the Association of War Disabled Persons. The organization had its own assets composed of a restaurant and confectionery in the city of Krosno and a homestead in the town of Łężany. These assets were used to finance the construction of our production plant, in the first years of activity including also other smaller craft workshops in the hardware trade, as well as joinery, sewing and shoemaker’s craft. In 1955, we started commercial production of furniture, clothing and footwear. At that time the company already employed 103 people and recorded a significant increase in production.

At that time there was a high demand for all types of products.

Extending the scope of production between 1958 and 1970

From the end of the 50’s to the beginning of the 70’s of the last century, our company consistently developed the product range and invested in technological facilities and new jobs. In 1970, the market demand for our products caused the then management to open another production plant in the nearby city of Dukla.

At that time, we started production of motorcycle gears and clips for car trailers. However, the most important product became rollers for printing machines, which due to the high production accuracy required specialized training of employees and advanced machines as of those times. These devices became the first export product of our Company. They were primarily sent to East Germany (GDR). The company employed 530 people at that time.

Investments in the Company infrastructure

In mid-1979, a new administration and production building was commissioned at the premises of our company, serving us to this day after its overhaul. Other investments followed in subsequent years: roads, sewerage, fences and car parking for guests and employees of the Company. The efficiency and working conditions were greatly improved. The main warehouse was built from scratch, together with the sales warehouse and Chief Mechanic Division and Outwork Division buildings. A new warehouse was also built at the premises of the branch plant in Dukla.

Economic transformation period

The turn of the 80’s and 90’s was a difficult time for our Company, imposing a number of significant and necessary changes after the introduction of free market economy in Poland. The new situation formed an opportunity to rebuild the product range. It was then when display and advertising stands were included.

Rapid development period

The decisions made at the beginning of the 90’s contributed to the rapid development of our company during the entire next decade. It was then when we expanded our machine park and modernized halls and offices. It allowed us to increase our production capacity, pace of work and quality of the advertising media supplied to the market. It was a period when our group of customers was greatly expanded, including also the producers of well-known global brands.

Strengthened by surmounted difficulties

The period between 2001 and 2002 was a time of the economic crisis which affected not only our sector. The market was subject to general and strong slowdown. In result, we lost part of the customers and maintaining the current level of production was beyond our capabilities. At that time, forced by the situation, we made a number of important decisions related to the restructuring of our Company, which eventually proved “a jackpot”. Between 2003 and 2007 we did not stay idle - quite the opposite, we risked to make further financial investments in the modernization of production halls, the machine park and administrative building. We bought:

  • a brake;
  • a corner cutter;
  • a hydraulic press;
  • wire bending machines;
  • laser cutters;
  • angle bending machines for sheet metal;
  • guillotine shears;
  • spot-welding machines.

We acquired a number of new machines allowing for the production of even the most technologically advanced advertising and display stands of a very high quality. Upon market recovery, our offer became even more competitive, resulting in the increase of new Customers.

HR policy

Support for the employees

We believe that social policy is a strong point of our Company. We finance our own health care and rehabilitation plant, invest in improving the qualifications of our employees, conduct pro-family policy, support holidays for the employees’ family members in financial terms, help finance purchases (car for a disabled person), organize integration trips and rehabilitation camps. All of this brings tangible effects in the form of high involvement and efficiency of our staff and is one of the reasons we can work three production shifts, performing orders in a shorter time while maintaining the same quality.

Amenities at the premises

We maintain a medical facility - an ambulatory and rehabilitation room - at the premises of our Company on a permanent basis. We installed a modern lift in the office building and adopted the bathrooms and toilets to the needs of people with disabilities. Our employees use free medical services covering: general, special and rehabilitative treatment, as well as periodic examinations, including the examinations specific for their condition. Our standards of health care and adaptation to the needs of people with disabilities are higher than recommended by the law of the European Union.

Our Customers

We serve companies from various sectors and with different market reach. These include, for example, producers and suppliers with a precise and narrow group of customers, but also large international corporations supplying popular products all over the world, like Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Philips, Procter&Gamble, Pringles or Perfetti van Melle.

In different cases of orders we meet our Customers at various stages of preparations on their side. In some cases, we implement ready projects which we submit to technical verification, while sometimes our specialists participate in the process of creating an advertising or display stand from the very beginning, i.e. from the concept stage. This is why it is not just empty rhetoric when we say that each Customer is treated individually - we mean it. Otherwise, it would simply be impossible to perform the order in accordance with the assumptions and expectations of the Companies coming to us.

We protect the environment

The seat of our Company is located in South-Eastern Poland, in the charming Subcarpathian town of Krosno surrounded by the hills of the Low Beskid, a region famous for beautiful forests, clean air, spas and winter holidays. It is one of the most ecologically clean areas of Poland. We try to make our production activity as little a burden for the Nature as possible:

  • we meet all applicable environmental standards in terms of air protection by using mechanical ventilation shafts with filters which eliminate harmful fumes generated in the process of powder coating of our products;
  • our production waste and packaging are subject to disposal and recycling.

If you would like to learn more about our Company, we will be happy to answer your questions:

  • Are you interested in the design and production of advertising or display stands?
  • Do you want to learn about the examples of our products, order schedules, pricing, completion dates?
  • Do you have your own project or concept of an advertising medium you would like to consult with us?
  • Would you like to visit our seat to look at the production up close?

Do not hesitate - send your questions and materials to marketing@sip.krosno.pl or call any of the following numbers: +48 13 436 97 78, +48 13 432 00 85