Quality policy

Read about what determines high quality level of our products. In this article we describe standard processes of managing the orders of our customers which helps us in maintaining consistent quality of the delivered advertising stands and display stands.

Consequences of providing inadequate dimensions

Verification of the physical characteristics of the advertising or display stand should not be performed on the final product, but already at the design stage, and definitely using the "exhibits" (of target products). How does it work? We measure and weigh them, we determine the center of gravity, we evaluate the flexibility and strength of the packaging. Only this way we can calculate whether the structure can support the weight load of goods, or make sure it won't bend, tip over or make the product available for the person who reaches for the product. Providing inadequate dimensions of the "exhibit" or improper evaluation of its physical characteristics can bring undesirable consequences and even threaten the safety of users. Starting production without this verification stage is not taken into account in our factory.

We take the dimensions of the products to be displayed

The customer provides us with the target product (the so-called "exhibit") so that we could measure it. We enter the results to a design computer program enabling visualization of the "exhibit", which is then compared with the electronic model of the advertising medium (e.g. advertising or display stand) previously entered to the same application. In this way we can put one body on another and check their mutual fit. As a result, in the next stage of the construction of the prototype we are sure about the height, width and depth that the supporting structure must have, how big the shelf surface should be, etc. Dimensions and weight of the "exhibit" also determine the choice of construction materials of proper durability.

We make our own tools

Due to the individual construction characteristics of each advertising medium (shape, materials), execution of its prototype would be very difficult or even impossible without the preparation of dedicated tools. They enable a very precise assembly of advertising and display stands. Then, after duplication, they are also used in the batch manufacturing. Mostly they are applicable solely and exclusively during the implementation of one project, and after its completion we store them in the event of additional production batch of the product.

We execute non-standard projects, using advanced construction and technological solutions which require dedicated tools in the stage of building the prototype and batch manufacturing.

Technical verification of projects

Each design documentation of an advertising or display stand that you provide to us will be checked by our designers, materials scientists and technologists of material processing. This way, even before creating the prototype and implementing the project into production, we eliminate any incorrect design assumptions which would lead to failures due to instability or low strength of load-bearing elements and connections in the equipment. We also had cases where the advertising medium had inadequate dimensions that did not match dimensions of the target product, i.e. the so-called "exhibit". In this case, carrying out batch manufacturing would result in a complete failure, because the product would not be usable. During the cooperation with our company you can be sure that you avoid similar cases.

Technical analysis of printouts

Each graphic element of an advertising stand is subject to technical evaluation of our graphic designers. We also apply this activity if you provide us with ready graphics. We need to make sure that the printout technique has been properly matched to the material on which it is to be found in the design of the future advertising stand or display stand. For full verification we perform a test print with the same parameters as your project assumes for batch manufacturing. You can try to evaluate the result personally, then you will receive the original of test print by delivery mail. We can also take pictures and send them to your e-mail address. You can visit our factory, then we will together evaluate the test print on-site.

In case of any doubts regarding the quality or durability of the graphics on a specific material, we will inform you about this and offer an alternative solution for the best effect.

High quality advertising stands

  • We use the services of regular suppliers of materials used in the manufacture of advertising and display stands, including metals, plastics and wood. We guarantee the highest quality.
  • Each design of an advertising medium that you provide to us, and then the prototype built based on it, will be reviewed by our experts.
  • The material processing during production is performed by modern machines. We have over forty of them in our technology park.
  • We work in three shifts, as we can afford this with our human resources - we employ over 200 employees. Even with short deadlines you will receive an advertising medium made with the utmost care and diligence. In addition, each advertising stand and display stand from our production line is subject to quality control.
  • After a positive opinion of the inspectors it goes to a separate packhouse. Here it is prepared by specialized staff for safe transport with the use of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and stretch film. The packhouse is partially mechanized.
  • Prior to shipment the products are stored in closed and dry warehouses. We use forklift trucks for loading. We secure the products in such a way that you would receive them in a perfect condition.

Production 24 hours a day

  • We can work in three shifts and at any moment we can include an additional process to production. In that case we do not accelerate the processing cycles, but we involve a greater number of employees. In this way the quality of the product remains stable and equally high as within the two previous shifts.
  • During each shift the machines are operated by specific employees trained in their use. For 24 hours a day the production processes are supervised by the shift managers.
  • We use modern machines, therefore most of the processes in our technology park is automated and used in batch manufacturing. We have our own on-site repair service. In the event of failure our service technicians take actions immediately after it has occurred and we are protected from production stoppage. Apart from that, various treatment processes are duplicated. We can execute the same type of material processing at the same time on another machine until the malfunction has been removed.

Construction of the prototype before production

In the case of new projects, we do not start batch manufacturing without building the prototype first, based on which we evaluate the appearance and functionality of the advertising or display stand in physical conditions. For this purpose we use the target products ("the exhibits"). The prototype must be built in correlation with the product, and only then we have the guarantee that the product will be properly exposed using the target advertising medium. Analyzing properties of the prototype, we take into account such elements as:

  • visual matching to the "exhibit" / "exhibits";
  • conformity of dimensions;
  • material strength of structural elements;
  • structure stability;
  • comfort and ergonomics of the feeding elements.

Consistent color quality according to the RAL Palette - powder coating

We produce advertising stands and display stands in batches of hundreds and thousands of pieces. In some cases, the production of specific batches of the product is divided and takes place in intervals. We assure you that in our factory it has no effect on maintaining constant parameters and color quality. We have an automated production line for powder coating, which ensures complete repeatability of the color effect, as well as durability and accuracy of painting even the smallest structural elements of products - including those with complex shapes. We choose the paints from standard RAL and NCS color palettes. Both standards make the colors of each production batch perfectly uniform, regardless of the amount of pieces included in a batch. The initial prototype is always identical with the final piece on the production line in this stage.